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The CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is achieved when Sodium Chlorite is mixed with an acid, normally Hydrochloric Acid *, it is activated and generates Chlorine Dioxide gas. This gas is captured through a manufacturing process in water to generate the Chlorine Dioxide Solution, or "CDS".See more...

MMS is offered in the following presentation:


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    MMS is sodium chlorite, which when combined with citric acid (50%) or hydrochloric acid (4%) releases chlorine dioxide in our body, which enters the bloodstream and has the ability to effectively eliminate bacteria , viruses, fungi and parasites.Ver más...

    The MMS is offered in the following presentation:

    • 4 oz bottle with activator (50% citric acid and / or 4% hydrochloric acid)
    • Instructions for use
    • Personalized protocol for every need


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    MMS-2 Calcium hypochlorite also called "chlorinated lime" is a chemical compound whose formula is Ca (ClO) 2. It is widely used in water treatment due to its high efficacy against bacteria, algae, mold, fungi and microorganisms dangerous to human health. By dissolving in the body, it produces its own hypochlorous acid to attack and kill bacteria, germs, and pathogens of many types, producing a greater power in defenses in the immune system, normal cells are not harmed.

    MMS2 capsules provide a reserve surplus of hypochlorous acid that allows the immune system to apply it wherever it is needed.See more...

    MMS-2 is offered in the following presentation:

    • A bottle of 100 capsules
    • Instructions for use
    • Personalized protocol for every need


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    DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide, it is an organic liquid obtained during the processing of wood pulp, it is a colorless liquid containing sulfoxide, used as an organic solvent and as a medicine (reduces pain and inflammation).

    Due to its property of rapidly crossing the skin and cell membranes, DMSO also serves as a carrier for other substances or components.See more...

    DMSO is offered in the following presentation:

    • A bottle of 2,4, and 8 oz.


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    Moringa oleifera, known as moringa, is a tree native to northern India. Moringa leaf is a complete food in itself.

    This natural product consists of the following:

    • 4 times more calcium than milk
    • 3 times more potassium than banana
    • 4 times more vitamin A than carrot
    • 7 times more vitamin C than orange
    • 25% more protein than eggs
    • The 8 essential amino acids for humans
    • Significant amounts of iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and other nutrients

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    Moringa is offered in the following presentations:

    • A 50 ml dropper bottle.
    • A container of 100 capsules.