What is sodium chlorite?

It is a saline solution with a very simple chemistry (NaClO2).

By activating sodium chlorite with citric acid, the reaction generates chlorite dioxide (gas). This structure (ClO2) acts as a strong oxidant and releases all the electrons from the pathogens (acids). Malignant pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) are usually anaerobic and have an acidic pH.

MMS Jalisco - Clorito de Sodio

Chlorite dioxide acts as a high-caliber “ammunition” and restores control of the immune system, helping it attack pathogens that it cannot normally defeat. This is achieved through the interruption of protein synthesis, breaking the cell wall of the pathogen as if it were the effect of an explosion (oxidation).

This is why chlorite dioxide is known as the most powerful pathogen killer. It is used as a disinfectant in food industries, hospitals, refrigerators, water purifiers, etc. For more than 100 years, clinics and hospitals have used sodium chlorite to sterilize hospital floors, tables, and equipment; Now this same powerful pathogen killer can be harnessed by the immune system to safely eliminate disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

It is impressive how sodium chlorite, when used properly, is used by the body to attack only those pathogens that cause harm (ACIDA) and does not affect any useful bacteria or healthy cells. Chlorite also oxidizes heavy metals present in the body (mercury, lead, etc ...) and poisons (stings, toxins etc ...), facilitating their subsequent elimination from the body.

After two hours in the body, the chlorite turns into tiny particles of common salt (NaCl) and does not leave any harmful residue..

Do not confuse sodium chlorite with sodium chloride (table salt) or sodium hypochlorite.

The active ingredient is chlorite gas (dioxide) that is produced approximately 1/2 minute after mixing 35% citric acid with sodium chlorite (NaClo2).

MMS is a powerful broad spectrum bactericide, antiviral and fungicide. MMS is not a medicine but a mineral saline solution. It has been used for 100 years as a water disinfectant and in sectors such as clinical and food surgery among others as a general disinfectant.

Jim Humble, the discoverer of this mineral solution, has used MMS successfully for all types of infections.

The mineral solution has antitumor effects.

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