What is CDS and how effective is it?

The CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is achieved when Sodium Chlorite is mixed with an acid, normally Hydrochloric Acid *, it is activated and generates Chlorine Dioxide gas. This gas is captured through a manufacturing process in water to generate the Chlorine Dioxide Solution, or "CDS".

* The hydrochloric acid used (the same that we have in our stomach to digest food) is of low concentration of 4%).

MMS Jalisco - Clorito de Sodio

Why doesn't MMS Jalisco produce CDS?

The now well known CDS is not actually something new.

About 8 years ago we used CDS for the sole purpose of helping people who, after several uses of MMS activated with citric acid, caused them a repulsion problem such that they could not continue

taking it and stopped benefiting from carbon dioxide. chlorine produced by MMS and citric acid as an activator. Hard workingJim Humble(discoverer of MMS), looking for a way to continue helping people sensitive to citric acid, confirmed that using hydrochloric acid formed enough chlorine dioxide so that people could continue with their treatments without interruption due to nausea or repulsion, since hydrochloric acid does not cause these effects.

The problem encountered with CDS is due to the loss of gas from its production in a special container until it is packed in the bottle, causing a great loss of dioxide once that bottle reaches the patient. The loss of gas or dioxide results in a loss of power when dealing with serious diseases such as Cancer, HIV or Hepatitis.

We could illustrate it this way:

When you buy a soda bottle, that gas is lost with each opening of the cap. To the point where it completely loses that gas that gives it its purpose. That's what happens to the CDS every time the lid is opened.

Another very important drawback is for the consumer's pocket.

It is known to all that the power of MMS against CDS is many times greater. Since CDS is less powerful than MMS, in addition to losing power over time due to gas loss, its effectiveness is further limited. The patient ends up being pushed to buy more quantity and spending more money than if he used an MMS kit and its activator.

On the other hand, it is vital to check the accuracy of each shot when using both CDS and MMS.

In a protocol for any type of ailment with chlorine dioxide, the exact doses need to be adjusted in each dose. In CDS production, the dioxide gas is lost unevenly with each bottle. Furthermore, due to the continuous loss of potency in CDS, it is impossible to give the necessary doses for the required treatment.

For these reasons, MMS Jalisco, like the other chlorine dioxide producers, stopped producing CDS in previous years.

We do not want to cause unnecessary expenses to our consumers, since they must be completely sure of our maximum desire to help people. Help improve their standard of living, end diseases that not only lower the quality of life, but also end the family economy.

The chlorine dioxide that we produce at MMS Jalisco is more effective than that produced by CDS and is cheaper, therefore we will continue to use it to end all kinds of diseases caused by pathogens. We will not return to treatments that our experience has confirmed are not effective enough.

Perhaps you wonder why Mr. Andreas Kalcker only advertises CDS and not MMS?

It is something that all of us who know and use MMS have also wondered.

Andreas has been a leader in MMS research and use internationally.

Even after the breakthrough in CDS, he was active when it was unanimously concluded that it was not sufficiently effective compared to MMS. Although he has not given negative criticism about the MMS, it has not been until after he was vetoed by governments that he has ignored the existence of the MMS and has completely focused on the distribution of CDS. Since distributing CDS is approved by the authorities, he is in no danger of being banned again when promoting CDS.